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DK Water Leak Detection

*** COVID-19 ***

We would like to reassure both our Residential and Business customers that all of our engineers are Covid-19 compliant as per the government guidelines. In addition as of Monday 4th January 2021 we will be regularly COVID-19 tested to ensure we minimize any risk of spreading the disease unknowingly.

*** COVID-19 ***

Welcome to the DK Water leak Detection Ltd Homepage, we are a family run water leak detection business with several years of experience within the industry both domestic and commercial.

The reason you have visited our site today is probably because

Your Plumber has made you aware of a leak within the property but cannot locate using visual methods.

Your most recent quarterly water bill has risen for no apparent reason

Water damage is evident within your property

You have a combination boiler which is constantly dropping in pressure

You have noticed a constant refill to your water tanks in the loft

These above are just SOME examples for you to use our services. We can offer a comprehensive water leak detection solution for both domestic and commercial situations, from your first enquiry to completion, we can provide the appropriate action to rectify the problem.

We appreciate you are the customer and require results fast with the minimum disruption!

Most homeowners and commercial sites are unaware that they may be covered by their insurers under the "Trace and Access" section of their policy, we can provide a full leak detection service and an in-depth report, including images recognised to insurance industry standards.

General Information

Water Meter:

If you have a water meter always check first that the needle is not moving when there is no demand for water from the property. The water meter is normally located on the perimeter of the property in the pavement.

Before the test is carried out please make sure all toilets and taps are turned off and that there are no obvious leaks, then the meter can be observed. If the meter continues to move this could indicate that you have a leak on the pipework. To identify if the leak is inside or out, try turning off the internal stop cock at the property and see if the needle still moves.

Central Heating Leak:

If you have a combination boiler and the pressure constantly drops this could be an indication of a leak in the central heating pipework or a fault with the boiler. A simple way to test can be to isolate the flow and return from the boiler and see if the pressure drops at the same rate. If no drop occurs the loss could be from the central heating pipework and not the boiler. However, if the boiler does loose pressure there could be a leak from the heat exchanger, pressure relief value or loss of charge in the expansion vessel.

On older gravity fed systems where you have a small tank in the loft water maybe seen constantly dripping from the ball valve which refills the tank, if this happens when the system is cold this could indicate a possible leak.

Salts Analysis

During certain leak detection investigations the water damage may not be from a pipework source, so to find the possible cause of moisture damage, salts analysis can be undertaken. This will give guidance if the ingress is from pipework, ground or rainwater. Samples are taken from the affected surface and placed into a pot where a simple chemical test can be carried out whilst on site. The test results will give indication of the presents of chlorides or nitrates, where there is no reaction, rainwater could be presumed as the probable cause of damage.

Moisture Survey

Part of the leak detection survey carried out by our specialist will include moisture profiling from the resulting leakage or natural ingress. This will be included within the report and all readings photographed so once the ingress is resolved the affected water damaged areas can be dried prior to any restoration.

Other services include

Excavation and repair of leaking pipework

Pipework location

Asbestos Sampling

PLEASE NOTE: If you suspect that you have a leak, check your Buildings Insurance, terms and conditions, you may be covered by your insurers within the trace and access section of the policy.

This may cover you for the detection and excavation to expose the pipework leak. Normally any repairs to the pipework would have to be covered by the insured. We can provide a full insurance industry standard report that can be submitted to your insurers should you wish to instruct us to carry out the survey.

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